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Writing Is Hard

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Tell Me About the Rabbits

I’m attempting to write a query letter to a publisher so that they’ll read and maybe publish my book. I am completely inept at doing so, apparently, because it is not going well at all. I’m all like, “Hello. You should read my book because my words are good. They taste good inside of my mouth. In conclusion, thank you for reading my book.”

And I want to be a professional writer.

So That’s What a Draft Looks Like

I’ve finished the draft of Sleeping Arrangements, the novel I’ve been working on since June. I’m doing a paper edit, going through with a red pen and zealously marking out my typos and logical inconsistencies. There are plenty of both.

I’m pretty excited about it, actually. I think it’s good. Ask me again after I have my friends read and savage it, though.

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